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Mitted Seal Point Ragaper Girl
Born 02/16/2007

Living with Keisha!!

 I just wanted to give you an update.  Hope arrived yesterday prim, calm and
happy to greet anyone who peeked into her cage.  As usual she was a
BIG hit with everyone.  They said with all the cats they've seen
come in, this is the first one who came in a princess carriage.

She slept all the way home so was well rested to greet the family.  All her
little systems work just fine as she used her litter box and has had two
meals already.  She cuddled up and slept with my son last night so I
think she'll be quite happy here.  I'd send a picture, but I can't
get her to hold still long enough to pose, so maybe tonight.

Thanks again for making this such a wonderful experience. 
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 05/07/07 Just a bit of an update about Hope:

What a beautiful baby she is, and so sweet, but with a very silly
personality.  She greets us every morning with her squeaky little
voice (which I love!) and purrs anytime you look at her or pick her
up, even ifshe's practicing her Ninja kitty moves - you know, that
puffed up sideway pounce thing they do - what a character!  Her
eyes have remained a seafoam blue with a brighter blue outline
and the colors on her nose are starting toclarify and the black
on  her nose looks like velvet.

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