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Seal Point Napoleon Boy
Born 02/18/2007

Living with Janet in Colorado!

 Hi Kathi,

It was wonderful to finally meet both of you today. Hepburn is a beautiful
kitten.  I am so excited that he gets to come home in 3 weeks. 
I will be counting the days. 

You do an amazing job with your kittens.  In fact I think you have the most
beautiful kittens in the world.  The care and love that you give is such
a gift.  I feel very lucky that I found Boutique Kittens.  Kathi and
Jennifer you are the best.  Thank you so much.  I will see you
soon and let me know which day and time will work for you.
Take care. Janet


Update 08/23/07: Hepburn is the best kitty in the whole world and the most
beautiful.  Hepburn spends his days looking at the birds fly by, playing
with a number of toys and gives his Mom alot of attention.  Hepburn
will put his favorite toy in his mouth and then run all over
the house.  He has a lot of fun.

I love Hepburn very much and I am so glad that I got him from you. Janet

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White doll faced persian kittens for sale
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