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Blue Tabby Persian Boy
Born 04/10/2007

Living with Aaron & McKenna!

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Blue Tabby Persian

New Pictures May 6, 2008

Update January 2, 2008
This Christmas was hilarious... We bought an artificial tree, and I took great lengths to hang things  far from the ground.  But it didn't matter... Cobalt launched  himself into the middle of the tree and bent a bunch of branches!

At the current moment little mister Cobalt is climbing all over me being the loviest
cat ever!   I was soooo happy when I saw him!!  He is all eyes!  Cuter than
even the pictures can describe!  We are sooo happy and so thrilled! He's
settling in well... he's climbing my shoulders as we speak.. lol  I've got
a parrot :)  He's so curious and gentle!  Thank you sooo much.  I've
attached a few quick pics from the camera phone, they aren't too
good as the little monkey wouldn't hold still lol!  Thanks again!!

**McKenna & Aaron

Persian kittens for sale
Blue Tabby Persian

Cobalt is a wonderful kitty with the adorable look of the
Traditional Doll Face Persians.

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