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Nursery name "Fanfare"

Blue Eyed White Rag A Per Girl
Born September 14, 2006

Chloe is living in NYC with Mittens, Isabella, Blue
and of course mommy Cindy!

"Chloe is about 4 months old now and is blossoming into a BEAUTIFUL little lady.
Just today, at the vets, one of the receptionists said  she should model,
and my groomer said her coat felt just like  cashmere after her bath.
That is such a complement, as he only grooms cats. She definitely
has Orbie, her Daddy,s personality. She  is stubborn, playful,
smart, tenacious and absolutely lovable.  She  loves to give
kisses,  steal socks,  (she is a thief) cuddle and play with
Mittens.  She is such a joy!!" -Cindy


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Blue Eyed White Ragaper
Blue Eyed White Rag A Per Kitten
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