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Nursery name "Archie"

Champagne Cream Persian Boy
Born May 16, 2006

"Andy is doing really well in his new home. He is so playful and so cuddly all at the same time. Thank you so much for
everything you have done to get our precious baby boy to us. You were right he is becoming my little computer baby,
he is even going to go to school with me on Fridays for about an hour.
Parris and Darren"

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Cream Persian

All snuggled up at home in his new blanket.

"The picture of him with his paws crossed on his blanket was taken within the first 30 minutes he was home.
He stole our hearts immediately!  Parris and Darren"

Andy in his Halloween costume

"Andy is doing great! Very healthy and happy. And a little too  spoiled.
Take Care, Parris"


Cream Toy Persian Kitten, Persian kittens for sale

Andy is a great example of how well our kitties do on travel day!
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